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Well, that didn’t work quite the way I thought...

#TIL that embedded HTML in the Wix editor actually creates a frame, in which the linked HTML will open – ie, a page within a page. That’s not what I wanted... In fact, I learned that I badly over-complicated things, and that it’s possible to add links to basic text and image elements. That’s much simpler, but it meant that I couldn’t simply take the block of text provided by Creative Commons. Instead, I took a copy of the CC image, took the text I wanted displayed, and simply added the appropriate link. And it seems to be working the way I want it.

Also, added some graphics to the blog post categories – seemed like a fun thing to do, but I can’t see where the images are actually used. Also decided to feature only the latest blog post and adjust the formatting of the main page a bit.

At some point, I’ll need to look at page loading, performance, and similar... Currently, performnace is not very good – I think it’s because of the number of fonts

Brief post, but I wanted to fix the copyright notice ASAP.




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