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A little refinement...

As a bit of a change of pace, I want to focus on a few of the “little things” that are really not so little. Even a personal blog can be managed in a professional way, and that is my goal (though it may take a while...)

So, #TIL a bit about copyrights. While this site is a personal blog, I’d still like to address at least some of the factors which would be relevant for corporate sites. I started with reviewing the priviacy policies of ISC2 ( and LinkedIn (, and then checked out Troy Hunt’s blog (big fan) at

I’ll start working on a privacy policy, but I think a copyright notice may be a more immediate issue...

As a side-note, my current plan for this experiment (ie, blogging) is more of an online journal with an element of stream-of-consciousness. In future, I may start to post essays on various topics at various levels of formality, though I expect to focus primarily on a general audience – ie, people interested in the material, but not necessarily expert in a given field.

Actually, one of my long-time pet peeves around technologists in general is the habit of retreating into jargon or of glossing over things as “too technical”. Fortunately, most are not like that, and the value of clear communication is now recognized as essential for IT, but there are still too many who act as if their area of expertise has a mystical aura around it. I suspect I’ll probably vent comment about this topic quite frequently, but my working assumption is that no topic is too esoteric that it can’t be explained to most people in a way that gets the gist of it across without being condescending. My all-time favourite “explainer” is Isaac Asimov ( who had an extraordinary ability to explain just about anything to just about anyone. Amusingly enough, his litarary output was so vast that he actually has three separate versions of his bibiography (categorical, chronological, and alphabetical) in Wikipedia.

But I digress, as I certainly will from time to time.

The Creative Commons site ( provides a lot of information on the nature of copyright and the ways that copyright affects us all. In practice, the key questions are:

1) Do you want to allow adaptations of your work to be shared?

2) Do you want to allow commercial uses of your work?

As my goal here is education, I would encourage people to share, so long as they provide attribution. So, sounds like the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) is the one for me. CC (Creative Commons) provides a very helpful block of HTML which I can include on my site.

Also #TIL how to add HTML code to site using Wix editor – just add ... Always learning something.




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