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Casting the pod?

I will probably need to think about names for blog posts... the cheesier the better, in my mind, but others may disagree.

First, I have noted what seems like a long lag during page load. Site vendor speed tool says it’s “excellent” (Visitors view your site in: 0.5s / Visitors interact with your site in: 2.8s), but I see what appears to be relatively slow loading of images. Taking a quick look with browser dev tools, most of the time appears to be the page waiting for scripts / content. A bit of side-research suggests that the vendor won’t let me touch a lot of their infrastructure (such as scripts and fonts), so I may not have a lot of control here. This is probably something which warrants more investigation in future.

I also updated the browser tab name from “Mysite” to “TIL Technology”. That’s a bit better - Continuous improvement.

So, on to podcasts. I just recently completed my CISSP ( certification, wanted to mention podcasts... While I have been interested in Information Security for many years, it’s only relatively recently that I became interested in it as a discipline. At around the same time, I started listening to podcasts, so, inevitably, I started looking into InfoSec podcasts.

Added a “My Playlist” page, and started by adding the Cyberwire family of podcasts. I’ll add more as I progress. My focus will be on podcasts I actually listen to, and I may post reviews of some podcasts in future. I know there are a LOT of podcasts, so more to come.




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