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It's been a long time!

Short post this week. It’s Victoria Day weekend in Canada, but that’s not the reason. In fact, I spent most of my (relatively) free time working on setting up and configuring my home web server (aka, my “old” laptop –

I set up the Apache web server, PHP, and mySQL (, then set up some test sites and started building the outline of my “real” Kanban board (, as opposed to the HTML/CSS version I am currently using.

In the course of all of this, I felt quite a lot of déjà vu, and it was very gratifying to realize that I was right when I decided to try to build a “real” application in order to learn about web development. As I mentioned before, it’s one thing to run through a tutorial, and very much another to build something. Just adjusting test cases to practical use takes some effort, let alone extrapolating what has been learned to something different.

In any case, it’s been fun, though I’ve been thinking a lot about the old saying that “programming is an art-form that fights back”. Over the years, I have learned quite a lot about troubleshooting, but every new tool has a different feel, so adjustments always need to be made.

So far, I’ve managed to build a basic data model, basic login and signup, and I’ve started working on how to format and work with the data. Lots to do there, but I think I have a much better understanding of what I need to do next – current plan is to build the skeleton with minimal styling, then start working on how to make it pretty.

One additional bonus was finding an old Donovan song I didn’t remember. Great stuff, even though it’s really from the generation prior to my own.

Now, back to PHP array manipulation...



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