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Learning from doing

It’s a bit frustrating, making newbie mistakes, but that’s the purpose of this whole experiment. It’s the difference between “book learning” and doing – the difference between knowledge and experience. I was trying to figure out why the “Featured Post” didn’t switch, but had forgotten that there is “Featured” category AND a setting on the blog post to flag a featured post. Will try to keep that in mind next time.

Over time, I may decide to break out page design issues into another log / page, but for now, this is part of the point of the experiment. Each time I post or update the site, I learn a bit more about what I like, what I don’t, how to change things, and so on. Latest updates:

  • Switched layout of “My Blog” to “Editorial”

  • Compressed the header. I think I like the “frozen” header, but don’t like the amount of screen real estate it takes. I’ll keep fiddling with this until I have something I like.

  • Moved the subscription box to footer. I had pushed it off to the side, to get it out of the way, but it was bothering me. Footer is better, but still not right. I expect to keep fiddling with this for a while as well.

  • Compressed the footer a bit. It’s rather crowded, but a bit closer to something I like

  • Resized the “portrait” on the About page. Over time, I will figure out how much personal information I want to post. My current plan is to focus on professional issues and keep other interests separate.


Addendum: Looks like I need BOTH the "Featured" category and the category flag set. #TIL!



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