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My second post

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Not much of a sub-title here, but I'm really just jumping into this page to try and figure out how everything works.

While I know I can dig deep, I don't want to do that now. Instead, I want to wait until I've familiarized myself with the available tools. Then, I can realistically offer some feedback around the whole experience, which is a part of the point of all of this.

Research is good and necessary, but there is a point at which you just have to say "YOLO!", and jump into it. The key is to find small risks with minimal downside, so even a total failure is a learning experience.

"This is a test of a quote. OIC. Just hit the 'add' button and select the double-quote icon. Interesting."

I'll need to start generating some content, to be sure that I have something to manage. I'm also planning to get rid of the default posts as quickly as seems reasonable - ie, right about now. I expect formatting and editing to be reasonably straightforward, so the big thing will probably be around organizing how I handle posts. Until I have some minimal familiarity with this process, I will probably remain informal, and then start becoming more organized over time.

I'll need to figure out how to manage categories as well - and how to manage hashtags.


NOTE: While I realize that it's good form to formally identify any updates applied to older posts, I may not bother with issues such as minor edits for spelling / formatting. Again, once I start to behave more formally, I'll reassess.



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