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Welcome to TIL Technology!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Hello! This is my first post on www.til-technology, my personal blog about technology, though other items may well come in from time to time.

This project is both a means of learning more about management of domains, sites, and certificates from a practical perspective, and an experiment – so that I can understand the degree to which regular blogging is likely to hold my interest. (How “meta” is that? Writing a blog to blog about learning to blog...)

The origin of this blog is, as with many things, the COVID-19 lockdown. With the whole family working from home, I was (predictably enough) in-house technology support for everyone. My first project was related to in-house network connectivity, and spawned a number of searches and “small learnings”. TIL, for anyone not aware, is short for “Today I Learned”, and is an acryonym which started on Reddit but has branched into common parlance.

After much thought, I realized that much of what I have done recently would seem random from the outside, though each step made sense in the larger stream of consciousness. One common element is the “TIL”, as I investigated each item. Some items were small and

interesting bits of trivia, while others were rabbit-holes with the capacity to swallow up vast chunks of time. I think the way we develop as people is based on which rabbit-holes we visit, side-step, or peek into.




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